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As we said earlier, young people constitute a veritable hotbed for each country. A well-educated multiracial youth is a blessing to the world, the opposite is a ticking time bomb. We recommend here an interpenetration of the youth of the world through various activities, in particular cultural, intellectual, economic and ludic activities. For this, the organization of meetings of young people of the world is planned. The youth of Great Britain and that of Africa will be our priority, the creation and establishment of football clubs, training centers, theatrical troupes and martial arts are essential.

Our Aims

  • To prepare youths for a life long walk with Christ.
  • Guide people into the direction of God to build and sustain a personal relationship with Him.
  • Develp a meaning and devotional prayer life.
  • Help increase the knowledge and undestanding of Bible truth.
  • To teach balance, priorities and morality.
  • To explore their abilities and talents with helpful possibilities.
  • To enhance transferrable skills, they can develop outside of church.

Our Values

Love: To think about others before ourselves.

Compassion: To stand in someone else’s shoes.

Respect: Valuing everyone and everything and our differences.

Youth Leaders