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AGRADA FOUNDATION It is a non-profit organization whose actions with visible impact directly affect vulnerable people. We are targeting here, on a permanent basis, the elderly, orphans, people affected by famine, endemic diseases, but also on an ad hoc basis, disaster victims, namely, those displaced by war, the homeless affected by natural disasters and people in distress. For this, Agrada Foundation proposes to build training centers, schools, specialized health centers, orphanages as well as the auspices of the elderly. To meet the needs of people in distress, Agrada Foundation offers timely and rapid intervention activities such as the distribution of food and non-food items to people who have been brutally plunged into situations of distress. Agrada creates a network to channel help from those who give it to those who need it. On a practical level, we will build professional centers to train young people in carpentry, masonry and trades, the results of which will have a direct impact on the population. We are thinking here of agriculture, water drilling, mechanics and gardening.