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About us

We are the BERACA community, a community with global dimensions bringing together people of goodwill, loving peace, love and a sense of duty. We are men and women who accept to federate our efforts, with abnegation, for the integral development of the man whom we place at the center of our action, that is to say, the development of every man and of every man taken in all his fullness, without discrimination linked to religion, race, language, socio-economic conditions.

Integral development requires an education focused on several areas. To reach as many people as possible, the BERACA community aims to be a multi-sectoral platform. This is why we are a community of Christian churches established throughout the world, which provide man with an education and development based on Christian values.

Our humanitarian and social actions are aimed at the development of man, the objective of which is to protect him from basic needs without which the hoped-for development is only an illusion. This is how we help unemployed young people, single mothers, orphans, young people who need to move forward but whose means are lacking.

A place of supervision for young people in several disciplines. Here, particular emphasis is placed on coaching for trades and literacy to make these young people operational. But also and above all, to the supervision of young startups. The BERACA community is a space that offers multiple opportunities, in particular, opportunities for meetings and exchanges of experiences of young people who aspire to leadership. For this, BERACA organizes periodic meetings of leaders for the promotion and sharing of experiences of each other for the good of all.

BERACA is a non-profit association. It is therefore a consortium of NGOs whose main instrument is the AGRADA Foundation.